TOP 10 priority “EXCELLENT” only at Pool Villas project Diamond Island

⛳ Excellent location with 3 sides of river in the center of District 2 adjacent to Thu Thiem administrative center 1 km away, 10 minutes drive.

Diamond Island has beautiful 360 degree views of the river and center of district 1, 100% of apartments have “beautiful view”. In addition, fresh air, fresh air riverside residents can increase the life expectancy of 3-5 years when living here.

? The design of the Pool Villa at Diamond Island is designed by talented architects to have a perfect living space on the only island in the heart of the city.

Diamond Island Pool Villa is considered a “high end luxury villa”, a benchmark of luxury lifestyle and a prominent representative of the trend of living in harmony with nature.

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10 rarely advantages is making attraction of Pool Villa in Diamond Island in Real estate’s market

? The best location in Diamond Island with at least two riverside and city center, Pool Villa will of course be the pride of anyone who owns it just by touching. Come to the Saigon River and enjoy the natural scenery without being confined by any works.

? area, not limit: The unique features of the diamond-shaped structure of the Diamond Island allow the 350sqm Villa in the area. and 150m2 for garden and swimming pool.

? There is absolute privacy “detached villa”. Unlike other dry walls, the fresh flower barrier from 1.6 to 1.8m will create an absolute privacy space and ensure a high aesthetic.

? There are 2 separate entrances to the unique living space available only at Pool Villa. Each of the handy Pool Villas features a separate living room, dining room, family room, open kitchen area and open kitchen with 4 separate luxury bedrooms.

? Beautiful views at the Pool Villa in Diamond Island pool with transparent glass design to create stunning views of the cityscape or gorgeous river.

? Outdoor pool villas are designed to maximize fresh air and natural light to every corner of the apartment.

? Unique saltwater pool located in a special location, used equipment are imported all from the world famous brand and the most modern electrolytic salt market.

? Intelligent design at Pool Villa will help prevent direct rain, save energy to protect and ensure the quality of the Pool Villa is always perfect.

? The only island in the city center, Diamond Island offers a clean and comfortable living environment that increases the energy and energy of the owner.

The Diamond Island project has three “expensive” elements that successful homeowners around the world are looking for:
• Riverside Location: Riverfront projects always attract buyers thanks to their special value. Diamond Island is the only three-sided project on the river in Ho Chi Minh City that has a 360-degree view of the river and the center of District 1. In addition, the fresh air of the river is one of the outstanding features. of the island.

• Security: Successful and well-known families around the world are always seeking privacy and peace, where communities and neighbors share the same lifestyles. Being the only isolated island in Ho Chi Minh City, Diamond Island offers you a private space complete, safe and peaceful as expected.

• Space: With an area of ​​8 hectares, Diamond Island has 87.5% of the green space, meaning most of the square meters are inhabited by residents and designed to meet the needs of every member. in the family. Family: 2300m2 swimming pool, BBQ garden, meditation garden and outdoor library

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