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The apartment for sale in Thu Thiem Empire City is the most modern observation tower complex in Vietnam. The Thu Thiem Empire City is located in the heart of Thu Thiem New Urban Area, District 2. The Thu Thiem Empire City will have the tallest building in Vietnam with the 86th-floor Empire City Tower. Developed by empire city joint venture company.


Empire City Project

Empire City Project


Empire City Thu Thiem also includes a complex of commercial centers, Empire City apartments, restaurants, five-star hotels, high-class residential areas, on a total area of ​​nearly 15 hectares.

You want to understand more clearly the benefits of this high-rise project. Read the review on the Empire City project below. Proview believe you will love this project.


? 1. / Why is the apartment in the city of Thu Thiem Empire HOT
? 2. / Assessments of the advantages of the project of Empire City in Thiem
? 3. What is the purchase of the Empire City apartment
? 4. Detailed information of the project of Thu Thiem Empire City
? 5. What is the special purpose of the Empire City project?
? 6. Frequently Asked Questions – Cove residences




1. Location of the Empire City is the most beautiful city of Thu Thiem 
Empire City Keppel Land is a project located in the core of Thu Thiem urban area – the new administrative center of HCM. The Empire City project is more highly valued than other urban areas in the Thu Thiem urban area thanks to the following factors:
⛳ Located on the Saigon River, overlooking the center of District 1 and District 4 airy.
⛳ Located on the main roads into the center as Thu Thiem tunnel through District 1, Thu Thiem 3 via District 4.
⛳ Direct connection with the urban areas in Thu Thiem via the lake, the Round Palace.
⛳ Located between the largest urban areas in HCM is the Dai Quang Minh Sala, Eco Smart City, Thu Thiem Vinhomes, Vinh Hoi Khanh Hoi.


2. The big bosses make up Empire City – King City 
Empire City with a total investment of $ 1.2 billion is one of the largest investment projects in HCM City. The scale of the Empire City Tower 86 project is just over 14.5 hectares, but with this capital will ensure the modern luxury to every detail of the urban imperial city.
? What do customers feel about Empire City? Empire City is a joint venture of the imperial city. This is a 50% -50% joint venture of the Vietnam Alliance, which is Tien Phuoc – Tran Thai and a foreign unit of Denver Power (UK) of Gaw Capital Partners.

3. Terrific Empire City Planning with Design from the World’s Leading Group. 
In order to match the level of Empire City, the investor hired Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF), the world’s leading tower designer, to create a world-class megacity.


4. The symbol building 86 storey and commercial square, pedestrian street 
? KPF brings to the Empire City Thu Thiem symbol of the 86-storey building is the tallest building in Vietnam. Icon for the peak, for modernity and sublimation for this leading urban project.
? In addition, the central pedestrian street with the length of 600m with 2 sides is the restaurant system, high-grade department stores like Center District 1 will be the destination for the middle and upper population of the city.
? The added value of real estate products in Empire City will be very high when the two icons are put into operation.


5. The price of Empire City apartments is quite cheap compared to the range and location
? If you look only at the location and planning of the Empire City, you will probably think that the price of the Empire City apartment will be quite high. However, in the first stage, the owner of the Empire only offered Empire City apartments for $ 2,800- $ 3,000 per square meter. This price is comparable to high-end apartments in the area, or next to the Sala area of ​​Dai Quang Minh.
? However, from the perspective of the long-term brokerage, the added value of the Empire City project will be higher, and the number of apartments is quite invisible so the price of the sale is estimated to be RẺ and certainly will attract customers to buy.

You can CLICK on the price of Empire City apartment District 2 to refer to the price of each apartment.


6. Value added by direct connection to large urban areas 
? With a vision of 2-4 years, the Empire City project and a number of neighboring towns have formed and formed a Pudong of Vietnam. The administrative, financial and commercial center of Ho Chi Minh City is the most developed center in the country. With the large urban areas will create a busy area as the current District 1:
➡ Great Hall of Quang Minh
➡ Vinhomes Thu Thiem
➡ Vinhomes Khanh Hoi
➡ Eco Smart City
➡ Thu Thiem Empire City
And with its central location, Empire City will be one of the most developed cities in the world, and the value of real estate here will increase dramatically over time.
? According to many experts, with this vision, Thu Thiem urban area with the megacity has gradually formed and bring more value to residents in the region.


7. Thu Thiem Urban Area is accelerating the progress of infrastructure and urban areas
? Thu Thiem urban district 1 has been quiet for a long time and has officially returned to the center of Thu Thiem Tunnel. Besides, there are important routes that are helping Thu Thiem become great:
Thủ Thu Thiem Bridge 2,3,4 are being constructed connecting to District 1, District 4, District 7.
➡ Near Lake road, the Roundabout, north-south route has gradually formed within Thu Thiem.


8. World – class interiors for the middle and upper class
Empire City District 2 is a commercial complex, 5 star hotel, Grade A office and luxury apartment. Coming with that, the system of internal facilities of the project has been upgraded to the highest standards in Vietnam. All facilities catering to the needs of dining, entertainment, health, shopping are served with the highest level of service.
? Future residents in Empire City will enjoy thoroughly the modern owner.


Overview of Empire City view project in District 1

Overview of Empire City view project in District 1



? Thu Thiem Empire City Project – also known as the Emperor City, is a project expected to bring strong fever in the real estate market in HCMC, Empire City project convergence is quite diverse large advantages So we can compete with other large scale projects across the region. So what are the advantages of Empire City ?

In Thu Thiem, District 2, in the near future, the district will be assessed as the leading economic and trade center in Ho Chi Minh City.

It can be seen that the advantages of traffic are the most visible element of the Empire City project when it is located in the golden position along Mai Chi Tho Street (East-West Highway) in Function Zone 2 (2B) south of the central core of Thu Thiem urban area, district 2 – HCMC, along the Saigon River. The Empire City apartment has a great location, the land is said to be gold in gold when it is next to a series of large roads and surrounded by advanced residential.

+ Surrounding the whole is the huge urban area Dai Quang Minh, Eco Smart City, Vinh Hoi Khanh Hoi …
+ Easy to move into central or urban areas: Thu Thiem tunnel, Thu Thiem 3 bridge, Vong Cung street, Ven Lake …
+ Riverbank stretches across the Rong River, District 1 and District 4

Empire City located in Thu Thiem

Empire City located in Thu Thiem

? Is Empire City worth the gold position? Nhat Pham is confident you have the answer for yourself. Japan’s development in the Empire City just two to four years will change the face of the whole area and the value of the real estate here will certainly increase quite high.

The Empire City apartment is a high-end residential project, the future of the Empire City project promises to build a community of humanity, quality. Target customers are individuals, families with financial conditions, high income, those who have status in society, who are knowledgeable, educated so the community there. high, civilized, modern, elegant. So the issue of owning an apartment in Empire City is quite great because future residents will be living in quality urban areas in many ways, so that they can socialize or expand their social relationships. task.

? About Empire City Apartments in District 2 enjoy all the amenities from shopping, sports activities, fun, and normal life services,… Quality interior, home appliances Fully prepared from well-known brands,… In addition, the campus is well – designed. The buildings are gradually reduced to high altitude and salts to ensure the airiness and vision, each floor has the appropriate density of apartments to ensure a comfortable living environment for residents. The outdoor space is also structurally balanced so that people can enjoy and connect with the community.

? The desirable life of Ho Chi Minh City residents will come true with Empire City. Whether it’s the interior or exterior entertainment, the Empire City meets the demands of class, style, comfort, relaxed, civilized conditions. urban. You will not only be satisfied with your life, but will also be reassured if your children are educated and developed in such a perfect condition.

=>You can CLICK on the price of Empire City apartment District 2 to refer to the price of each apartment.


Empire City apartments for sale

Empire City apartment



? With more than 10 years of experience in the East, Proview understands the pace of Thu Thiem’s ​​development over the last two years. Considering many factors, Proview feels that for the Empire City project, the first value to mention is worth living.

The metropolis is designed by the world’s leading designer, KPF Group – Kohn Pedersen Fox of the United States. This is a well-known corporation with high-class buildings and cities around the world and a great reputation.

? The Empire City project ensures all four desirable elements of a leading urban area: modernity, sophistication, a good living environment, and a vibrant community.

Empire City ‘s biggest highlight is the 86 – storey observation tower, the tallest building in Vietnam, a symbol of prosperity.
⭐ The second highlight is the central walking square of up to 600m, with two shopping centers, luxury restaurants.
⭐ You can feel more about this project by looking over hundreds of KPF works around the world. All are symbols of luxury, world-class.

Selling Empire city apartment With the terrain adjacent Saigon River view straight through District 1, KPF has designed the buildings in Empire City with features such as:
The height of the towers decreases from the center to the river bank and is located at each other, ensuring a clear view of the entire block.
The buildings are designed with bancong trees, and the building winds, along with the liner system that creates the ventilation of the river wind throughout the apartment.
In the middle of the apartment block is the park system, along with the commercial center walking street project to create beautiful views of the district.

Great habitat: 
⭐ 1 important living standard that is of concern to the middle and upper classes is the living environment and security issues in the project.
⭐ Empire City, which is adjacent to the big river, is located right next to Thu Thiem’s ​​17.9 hectares of ecologically-rich wetland reserves, so the atmosphere and environment are extremely fresh.
⭐ In addition, with state-of-the-art security systems and professional security staff, Empire City ensures absolute safety for all your family members.

Community of caste: 
⭐ This is usually a problem when you buy often have little interest, but special attention when the project formed. Residents will greatly affect the development of the project, as well as the value of the apartments in Empire City.
⭐ If you live in a community with your neighbors who are businessmen, surely with that civilized community, the value of the apartment will increase a lot when formed.
⭐ In addition, invisible values ​​from the entire residential community you will enjoy. For example, your children will be playing, learning with the children of other successful families, inheriting the civilization of the resident community.

With the above four factors, we believe that Empire City is the most desirable urban area of ​​Thu Thiem as well as the city in the future. And if you plan to look for your family, or your children a good place to settle, then surely Empire City is a good choice.


 Empire City

Empire City


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Located in the heart of the city, this is a great place to stay. You can contact Proviewland to share more general market information as well as some important information about Empire City.

Empire City – Total area: 14.5 ha.
✨ Empire City Apartment – Total floor area is 730,000 m2.
✨ Empire City Project – Total investment: US $ 1.2 billion (approximately VND 27,000 billion)
✨ Empire City Thu Thiem – Commencement of construction: 2/10/2015 and the formation of the project in 2022
??? Empire City apartment price from $ 2800 / m2

⚪⚪ Empire City Project includes : 
– The 86-storey building,
– Five-star hotel complex
– Central Business Center.
– Office and 3000 apartments, serviced apartments
– Underground parking …
– The 600m long pedestrian street with many restaurants and shopping.

The process of building the apartment project of the city of Thu Thiem divided into four main stages
>> Phase 1: Construction (2 towers number 4 and 7, height from 25 to 35 floors):
+ Number of apartments: 490 Apartments and commercial services
+ Scale of 130,000 m2 of construction floor
➡ Type 1 PN: 50 – 55 m2
➡ Type 2 PN: 90 – 100m2
➡ Type 3 PN: 120 – 150m2
➡ Type 4 flat bed: 160 – 170m2
➡ Duplex: 160m2
➡ Penthouse Empire City: 300m2.
+ Each floor has 6 apartments, 2 guest ladders, 1 elevator.
+ Each apartment has a parking space.
+ Expected completion of Quarter 2/2020.
Empire City District 2 price: 2500 – 2800 UDS/ m2, from 62.36 million/ m2 (including VAT). 
>> Phase 2 (Building No. 8 + 11).
>> Phase 3 (Building the tower number 9 +10).
>> Phase 4 (Building No. 1 + 2 + 3) is a block of commercial center, office, hotel 6 stars.
Internal utility of Empire City
– Swimming pool, children’s pool, relaxation area by the pool
– garden, small landscape,
– Outdoor children playground
– Outdoor BBQ Area
– Tennis court, jogging track, gym
– Multi-function room, recreation room
– Central market, shopping area, supermarket, coffee shop,…


Center Garden of Empire City



Compared to other projects for sale in District 2 are available in 2018 such as apartments for sale in Gem Riverside Plam Garden | The My Paradise Apartment | One verandah apartment, Empire City Apartments is worthy of the name of the King of the City because of many of the best in the area. Here are the highlights of the Empire City project :


Leisure facilities at Empire City

Utilities at Empire City project


Empire City has 2 European-style spill pools with Jacuzzi and lagoon pool. Designed by the world’s leading prestige units. Large lake 50m located on the second floor, 25m lake located on the fifth floor.Both pools are smartly designed to hold the buildings so noon the lake area is still shaded. Around the lake there are sun loungers, relaxing chairs, lighting system, water scenery and landscaped gardens … All intertwined to create a modern luxury space, sparkling at night. There is also a dressing room and sauna next to the pool.


Swimming Pool at Block Tilia Empire City project

Swimming Pool at Block Tilia Empire City project


The lake is designed on high, from this location you can see the full view of the city without shielding the view. Leaving yourself in the pool with a feeling of floating in the air is an exciting experience.

+ Large central square of 600m long, along the length of the market is a chain of five star hotel restaurant, clothing shop, cafe, hair salon … create a bustling business district. The square is quite large, the layout of many years old potted plants, statues, flowers garden mini four colors brilliant, seats rest leg,… All designs in Western European style with the desire to bring residents most comfortable, comfortable. This is the ideal space for fun activities for the whole family.


Perspective of Empire City Square

Perspective of Empire City Square


The five – star hotel restaurant is also a special highlight, residents of the Empire will not have to spend time moving. In these restaurants you can easily see the variety of cuisine with dishes from Asia to Europe, the wine from a dozen to a hundred years old. Suitable for intimate parties, hospitality customers, partners at home and abroad.

The gardens on Babylon’s rugged, wavy design embrace the Empire 86, with small gardens that are hung in the center of each well to the sky. Amidst the hustle and bustle of a young city, living in our Empire, but in a tropical rain forest with fresh air. In the Empire apartments you also have the breath of life with the million-dollar view straight to Bach Dang wharf – District 1. Center is also an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful fireworks display each spring on.


Green Garden at the Empire City project

Green Garden at the Empire City project


In addition to the special facilities on the Empire also owns dozens of other classy amenities: Gymnasium, movie room, indoor and outdoor play area, sports area, running track, waterfall, garden landscape, entertainment room, community area,…

>> Click here for more details about the project of Empire City.

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VI./ FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – COVE RESIDENCES APARTMENTS

1. (Frequently Asked Questions – Cove Residences) 
How many apartments in Cove Residences? (There are 136 apartments).
2. How many buildings and height are the buildings in Cove Residences ? 
Cove Residence has 2 buildings, each with 16 floors and 2 basements
3. How many types of area ? 
– 2 bedrooms, area from 83m2 – 101m2.
– 3 bedrooms, area from 135m2 to 157 m2.
– 3 bedrooms, area from 158m2 to 185m2.
– 4 PN, area from 212m2 – 228m2.
– Duplexes area from 235m2 – 259m2.
– Penthouses area of ​​407 & 439 m2
4. How many lifts does each tower have ? 
For those who have their own lift lobby, we have 2 passenger elevators and 1 cargo lift. For those with shared lift, we will have 5 passenger lifts and 2 cargo lifts (Level 5 and lower level).
5. What is the distance between towers ? 
– From Tower 1 to Tower 2: 25 m.
From Tower 1 to Duplex: 17m to 23m
6. Where is the reception desk ? 
There are 3 reception. The main reception at the common lounge and each tower will have a reception desk on the ground floor.
7. What company will manage Cove Residences? How much does it cost ? 
EC will be the management and operator of Cove Residence. Management fee is about $ 1.8 US / m2 (excluding VAT) on the waterway.
8. How many car parking spaces per apartment? How many parking spaces can a customer buy or rent ? 
Investors will be able to arrange 2 parking spaces for each apartment from 3 PNs or more. Note that the parking area is owned and managed by the owner, the home buyer will rent the parking space from the owner. In case the buyer wants to rent a separate car park, they can pay extra for this separate parking. Otherwise, parking arrangements will be in the order of priority as first come first serve.
9. Will the Cove Residences be free ? 
All utilities are free for residents and each apartment will have a separate storage area in the reception lounge (commercial refrigerators). However, residents will have to pay a cleaning fee for the banquet and entertainment room.
10. What are the benefits of Cove Residences? What level of utility is there ?
The amenities on the 5th floor, including:
– 50 meter long swimming pool (hot water swimming pool) – Playground for children
– children’s pool – play area under water
– Jacuzzi – Boong Yoga
– Swimming pool – Yoga room / Multi function
– Outdoor cafe – Gymnasium
– Sunset Terrace – Sidewalk
– Pedestrian bridge – Sauna / changing room
– Store
– Walk in the forest
11. What is the length of the pool and what is special about it ?
Pool length is 50 meters, mineral water and especially underwater music.
12. What type of interior do you provide ?
The apartment is fully furnished with air-con in the living room and bedroom, the living room is lined with luxury wood, brick finishing in the kitchen and electric cooker, hood, oven, wall cabinet, system smart home. Apartment with 3 – 4 bedrooms or more will have two kitchens: wet stove and dry stove, dressing room, high floor bath.
13. If the investor delivered complete delivery then how ?
Two completed designs are available: Metropolitan Elegance and Local Zen
14. When are Cove Residences completed ?
Home delivery time of month Q.III / 2021.
15. What is the ceiling height of a normal apartment ? 
The floor to ceiling height is 3.1 m in public areas. Bathroom area and kitchen area, lower ceiling.
16. What is the glass of the living room and the bedroom that is repeatedly produced and produced by the company ?
17. What is the ceiling height of Duplex ? 
3,7m and 3,1m upstairs. For the bathroom and part of the kitchen, the ceiling will be lower.
18. What floor will have the apartment ?
– Tower 1: from 5th to 15th
– Tower 2: from floor 2 to floor 15
– Duplex House: 1st floor to 4th floor
19. The length and width of the balcony ? 
For 3 bedrooms: there will be 2 balconies with width of 1.2 and 1.5m. For 4 bedrooms: there will be 2 balconies 1.5 and 1.2m wide.
20. What is the waste treatment system ?
Waste treatment system by tube.
21. Is there a fire prevention system for each apartment ?
Yes, every apartment is equipped with fire alarm system.22. Does the yard and garden area have to pay management fees ?
Customers will pay management fees for the garden and pool areas.
23. Are there hot water and hot and cold running water in the bathroom and kitchen for complete delivery ?
We provide hot and cold water faucet in bathroom and kitchen.
24. Is the area for hot and cold storage included in the apartment area ?
The area for hot and cold is included in the apartment area 2PN, 3PN and Penthouse
25. Is there natural ventilation for corridors on each floor ? 
There is natural ventilation for corridors on each floor.
26. Does the EC have spare generators ? 
Have. Ensure 100% of electricity demand of the whole project.
27. How many basements are there for parking ? 
There are 2 basements. 
28. Is there parking for guests ?
29. MU11 to MU8 how far ? 
Mu11 – Mu8: 38m
30. How far is the distance from Cove Residences to Thu Thiem bridge ?

– What time is Thu Thiem bridge completed? 
– Distance from Tower 2 to Street (Area 3): 24m

31. In addition to the value added tax and management fee, what additional charges do the payers pay ? 
Buyers have to pay a fee equivalent to 2% of the selling price, 0.5% of the registration fee (as prescribed by law).Xem chi tiết will be đã được rõ trong contract purchase.
32. What is the Cove Residences payment schedule ? 
Please refer to the payment schedule.
33. What types of contracts will customers sign when buying a condo project ? 
Buyers will sign the CONTRACT FOR SALE and sign the SALE CONTRACT when the foundation of the apartment is completed.
34. What is the project associated with banks ?
We are currently associated with Vietinbank.We are going to work with other banks to offer more attractive options to you.

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