City Garden apartment for rent


No. Information Price Price/m2 Photos Link
0  Apartment included 2 units of Boulevar 2 block, high floor, area 300m2, 3BRs, 3WC, … 25 billion vnd 83.3 mil/m2 Photos
1 Penthouse block B2 has area of 321m2, 2 floors, 4BRs, 4WC, interior wall. $4,500 $14/m2 Photos
2 Apartment Boulevard 140m2, including 3BRs, 2 WC, … middle floor, fully furnished $2,000 $14.2/m2 Photos
3 Apartment 140m2, including 3BRs, 2WC, … middle floor, full furniture, nice view. $2,000 $14.2/m2 Photos
4 Apartment area 140.27m2, including 3BRs, 2WC, fully furnished, middle floor block A. $1,700 $12.1/m2 Photos
5 High-floor apartment block B2, including 3BRs, 2WC, … area 144m2, fully furnished. $2,000 $13.9/m2 Photos
6 Apartment block B1 middle floor, including 3BRs, 2WC, … 144m2 area, fully furnished. $1,400 $9.7/m2 Photos
7 Apartment block A, area 140m2, including 3BRs, 2WC, beautiful view, middle floor. $1,600 $11.4/m2 Photos
8 Sky Villa high floor, block P2, area 140m2, 3BRs, 3WC, fully furnished. $3,200 $22.8/m2 Photos
9 Apartment 2BRs, 2WC, area 105m2, high floor, block Avenue, fully furnished. $1,350 $12.8/m2 Photos
10 Apartment block A, including 2BRs, 2WC, 100m2, fully furnished, low floor. $1,300 $13/m2 Photos
11 Apartment block B1, including 2BRs, 2WC, 117m2, nice view, basic interior. $1,000 $8.5/m2 Photos
12 Block P2 apartment, nice view, high floor, area 105m2, including 2BRs, 2WC, … interior wall. $1,200 $11.4/m2 Photos
13 Apartment area 102m2, including 2BRs, 2WC, … middle floor block Avenue, full furniture. $1,400 $13.7/m2 Photos
14 Apartment block A, low floor, 2BRs, 2WC, fully furnished. $1,000 $13.8/m2 Photos
15 Apartment middle floor, block B1, includes 1BR, 1WC, … 71m2, full furniture. $1,150 $16.2/m2 Photos
16 Apartment low floor, area 72m2, including 1BR, 1WC, … fully furnished. $950 $13.2/m2 Photos
17 Apartment includes 1BR, 1WC, … 63m2, fully furnished, high floor. $1,200 $19/m2 Photos
18 Apartment in block B2, low floor, includes 1BR, 1WC, area 70m2, fully furnished. $800 $11.4/m2 Photos
19 Apartment 1BR, 1WC, … Area 69.68m2, full furniture, low floor block Avenue. $850 $12.2/m2 Photos


City Garden apartment for rent is a luxury apartment project with unique design is Elip building height from 21-30 levels, located on Ngo Tat To Street, right at the edge of District 1 and Binh Thanh District, just 500m to go to District 1.
Combining modern architecture and visual arts landscape.
The Rent depending on Unfurnished / Furnished/ floor / View / Quality Furniture Apartments)
+ 1 bedrooms, 60 – 70 sqm, for rent: $800 – $1,300/ month.
+ 2 bedrooms, 100 – 120 sqm, for rent: $1,400 – $1,800/ month.
+ 3 bedrooms, 140 sqm, for rent: $1,600 – $2,200/ month.
+ Penthouse Apartments 4 bedrooms, 250Sqm Rental From $3,500 – $5,000/ month
City Garden Apartment for rent based on the location apartments, number of floors, view direction, and the bedroom area of the apartment ………
Apartment for rent in City Garden: Meet the needs rest, domestic security and tranquility through a separate gate, City Garden Apartments complex design with 5 star living facilities such as gardens, playground, mini-supermarket, restaurant , cafe, nursery, health center, spa, fitness club, swimming pool …

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Address: 15, Street 4, Thao Dien Ward, Binh Thanh District, HCMC ( Close to An Phu Compound)

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