Diamond Island apartments for rent


STTContentPricePrice m2Photos
1Apartment T4-xx.05, 3BRs- 3WCs, area 218m2. low floor, river view$3,000$13.70Photos
2Apartment T3-xx.01, low floor, river view, area 110m2, 2BRs and 2WCs, full furniture$1,200$10.90Photos
3Apartment CA-xx.01, area 47m2, 1BR-1WC, fully furnished, river view, low floor$640$13.40Photos
4Apartment H-xx.01, area 56m2, 1BRs-1WC, fully furnished, low floor$800$14.20Photos
5Apartment H-xx.06, area 55m2, middle floor, 1BRs-1WC, fully furnishedContactContactPhotos
6Apartment CA-xx.12, area 74m2, high floor, 2BRs-2WC, full interior, river view$1,000$13.50Photos
7Apartment BA-xx.06, area 89m2, high floor, 2BRs-2WC, full interior$1,200$13.40Photos
8Apartment H-xx.02, area 95m2, high floor, 2BRs-2WC, full furniture, river view$1,200$12.60Photos
9Apartment H-xx.08, area 90m2, high floor, corner unit, 2BRs-2WC, full interior$1,100$12.20Photos
10Apartment H-xx.02, area 95m2, high floor, 2BRs-2WC, full furniture, river view$1,000$10.50Photos
11Apartment H-xx.07, area 95m2, high floor, 2BRs-2WC, fully furnished, swimming pool view$1,000$10.50Photos
12Apartment B-xx.09, area 90.30m2, low floor, 2BRs-2WC, full interior$1,250$13.80Photos
13Apartment B-xx.09, area 90m2, high floor, 2BRs-2WC, fully furnished$1,000$11Photos
14Apartment B-xx.09, area 90m2, high floor, 2BRs-2WC, full furniture, river view$1,050$11.60Photos
15Apartment B-xx.05, area 88m2, high floor, 2BRs-2WC, full interior$858$9.70Photos
16Apartment H-xx.08, area 91m2 + 52m2 garden, low floor, 2BRs-2WC, full interior, interior view + Ong To river$1,716$12Photos
17Apartment B-xx.05, area 91.12m2, low floor, 2BRs-2WC, full furniture, swimming pool view$1,100$12Photos
18Apartment CA-xx.12, area 72m2, middle floor, 2BRs-2WC, basic interior, river view$686$9.50Photos
19Apartment B-xx.09, area 90m2, high floor, 2BRs-2WC, river view, Phu My, District 7$1,000$11Photos
20Apartment CA-xx.12, area 72m2, low floor, 2BRs-2WC, basic interior$1,070$14.80Photos
21Apartment MA-xx.04, area 117m2, middle floor, 3BRs-2WC, fully furnished, river view + District 1$1,800$15.30Photos
22Apartment MA-xx.03, type Dualkey, area 164m2, middle floor, 3BRs-3WC, fully furnished, river view + District 7$2,700$16.40Photos
23Apartment BA-xx.04, area 117.64m2, high floor, 3BRs-2WC, fully furnished, river view + District 1$1,600$13.60Photos
24Apartment B-xx.10, area 117m2, high floor, 3BRs-2WC, full furniture, river view$1,700$14.50Photos
25Apartment B-xx.04, area 142m2, high floor, 3BRs-2WC, fully furnished$1,900$13.30Photos
26Apartment B-xx.08, area 117.84m2, high floor, 3BRs-2WC, no furniture, river view + District 7$1,500$12.40Photos
27Apartment T3-xx.05, area 180m2, low floor, 3BRs-3WC, fully furnished$1,600$9Photos
28Apartment H-xx.04, area 137m2, high floor, 3BRs-2WC, no furniture, river view + District 1$1,500$10.90Photos
29Apartment T3-xx.04, area 224m2, low floor, 3BRs-2WC, no furniture, river view$2,800$12.50Photos
30Apartment MA-xx.04, area 116.9m2, high floor, 3BRs-2WC, basic interior$1,200$10.20Photos
31Apartment BA-xx.03, area 117m2, low floor, 3BRs-2WC, fully furnished$1,800$15.30Photos
32Apartment MA-xx.04, area 117m2, high floor, 3BRs-2WC, basic interior, river view$1,100$9.40Photos
33Pool Villa, 1 ground floor + 1 floor, garden + private swimming pool, area 777m2, 5BRs-5WC, full furniture, river view$7,000$9.00Photos

Apartment for rent in Diamond Island, located in Tinh Lo 25B, Binh Trung Tay Ward, District 2.

>>> The rental at Diamond Island Apartments, based on the apartments quality of furniture , number of floors ( high or low floor), view direction ( Pool view, river view, CBD view, Phu My Bridge view, etc.,), and size of bedroom, etc.,
Diamond Island homeowners bring life amenities most advanced services: private marina, golf course, sauna, gym, systems 5-star restaurant, children’s play area, shopping mall, banks, clinics, and outdoor wedding restaurant, .. in particular, homeowners can enjoy the fresh air and the quiet side Saigon River …

Regulations on pets

– Management fee: 23,000 VND / m2 (leather included VAT) / month
– The fee is only one car: 1.7 million VND / month
– Scooter 200,000 VND / month
– internet 40 MB – VNPT 374,000 VND / month
– FPT cable cable TV 50,000 VND/ month

 Please contact us: 0902679568 ( Viber/ WhatsApp/ Zalo/ WeChat/ Skype)

Address: 15, Street 4, Thao Dien Ward, Binh Thanh District, HCMC ( Close to An Phu Compound)





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