Should a Super luxury D1 Mension Apartment in District 1 buy or not?

Evaluate D1 Mension District 1 apartment for sale of ProviewLand will give customers the most detailed and accurate information. Help customers in deciding whether to invest in this project or not?

>> 1. / Detailed analysis of D1 Mension Capitaland apartment in District 1
>> 2. / D1 Mension owns 6-star utility
>> 3. / The first international brand apartment project in Ho Chi Minh City
>> 4. / Good investment opportunities, profitability rate up to 7%/ year
>> 5. / Limited number of D1 Mension apartments
>> 6. / D1Mension has won high awards for real estate in Asia

căn hộ D1 Mesion Quận 1

D1 Mension project perspective District 1

102 D1 Mension apartments sell to attract super rich people thanks to unique design ideas, 6-star internal utilities, attractive open-selling policies …

D1 Mension project is located at Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, District 1, the location is conveniently connected to the city’s main commercial center, the new financial center of District 2, urban area of District 7, easy to move. to many entertainment venues and international schools.

D1 Mension is positioned at the top of the luxury real estate market when offering a pitch with Branded Residence (international branded apartment). There, the rigorous standards of management and design make the project different, the luxury and the perfection are emphasized in every small detail to enhance the living experience.

Overview of D1 Mension luxury apartment project

♦ Project name: District 1 Mension – D1 Mension
♦ Project area: 6,649 m2
♦ Investment capital: 51.9 million USD
♦ Address: No. 608, Vo Van Kiet Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
♦ Owner: Singapore Capitaland Group
♦ Building density: 39%
♦ Planning: Including 2 Blocks: River View commercial apartment with 17 floors 102 apartments and service apartments City View 22 floors of 200 apartments
♦ Design: Famous architect David Carsoon, so the project has a bold design style of Western Europe.
♦ Number of apartments: Total of more than 300 units. However, only selling 102 commercial apartments.
♦ Local facilities include: Swimming pool, club, gym, restaurant, luxury coffee, …
♦ Price D1 Mension: 2-bedroom apartment priced from 6.7 to 8.9 billion; Three-bedroom apartments cost from 8.7 to 11.5 billion; 4-bedroom apartments cost from 19 to 19.6 billion.

D1 Mension Apartment is a luxury apartment line with 6-star standard facilities and services of Capitaland Singapore. Because the beauty from the wing that the investor praised, the buyer also put a lot of expectations into this apartment

Overview of D1 Mension project District 1


The most important characteristics that any customer who buys an apartment must pay attention to, is the distance and travel time to administrative centers – Education – Sports – Entertainment,. .. need to be most convenient. The remaining objective factors include: Social infrastructure, technical infrastructure, and quality of the project. Landscape and environmental factors such as feng shui elements, residential communities, living environment, …

Located on the front of Vo Van Kiet Avenue in Cau Kho Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, D1 Mension Apartment Project District 1 is a 6-star Singapore apartment project with convenient traffic location. convenient on the main road Dai Lo Vo Van Kiet or East-West Boulevard.

D1 Mension has any position advantages that are worthy of interest for customers?

⭐ Convenient transport connection

➡ District 1 is one of the most important central districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Owning a gold position right in District 1. Just step down from the apartment, residents can access almost all the best facilities in Ho Chi Minh City.
➡ D1 Mension project was built right on Vo Van Kiet Street, Ward Cau Kho. Although not really located at the main road such as Nguyen Hue, Ham Nghi, Le Duan, but from D1 Mension, moving to district 1 center and other districts and provinces is extremely simple.
➡In addition, being located in a central but not too bustling location like Nguyen Hue and Ham Nghi will reduce the pressure on transport infrastructure, avoiding difficult travel for D1 Mension residents. Especially when crowded on a small road will be what residents own super luxury cars.
➡From the project, move to the iconic points of the city such as Ben Thanh Market, Bitexco skyscrapers, bustling Nguyen Hue pedestrian street within 10 minutes by car. Moving easily to District 4, 7, 5, 2, Long Thanh, Vung Tau is also quite convenient.

⭐ Adjacent to the administrative center – Economic – Entertainment …

➡The project is only less than 3km away from the financial Wall Street, Nguyen Cong Tru, the important administrative and economic centers of District 1. In this respect, D1 Mension is extremely suitable for entrepreneurs when moving to large corporate headquarters, administrative offices, minimizing the time required to travel on the toll road.
➡  In addition, you only take about 5 minutes by car to move to key commercial centers in District 1, And take about 10 minutes by car to Nguyen Van Cu, Tran Hung Dao or bustling streets. another beat.

The problem of traffic congestion is no longer worrisome when living in a super luxury apartment in D1 Mension

Apartment location D1 Mension Capitaland is located in the heart of District 1, which makes many customers worry about dense traffic as well as traffic congestion problems that often occur during the current peak hours. However, this problem has been completely solved thanks to Vo Van Kiet Street, this road has helped to clear the congested area, make the traffic clear. Residents will no longer have to worry about traffic jams and congestion every time they leave the house.

Quality living environment

➡ With the advantage of owning the position at the center, D1 Mension residents at the foot of the system are infrastructure, traffic, public works, health care system, “intertwined”, creating conditions for residents enjoy a convenient and modern life.

>> 1. / Detailed analysis of D1 Mension Capitaland apartment in District 1
>> 2. / D1 Mension owns 6-star utility
>> 3. / The first international brand apartment project in Ho Chi Minh City
>> 4. / Good investment opportunities, profitability rate up to 7%/ year
>> 5. / Limited number of D1 Mension apartments
>> 6. / D1Mension has won high awards for real estate in Asia


D1 Mension Apartment One Of The Typical Projects In District 1 Owning Utility 6 Stars
Safety facilities make up the level of D1 Mension Apartment. D1 Mension is a smartly designed high-class apartment that comes with a number of top-notch, international-standard facilities to serve your life needs such as: swimming pool, gym, gym, service High-end spa, high-end shopping mall, high-class garden restaurant with river view and city-wide view and an elevated club house with panoramic views.

D1 MENSION apartment is considered the first luxury Sommerset project of CapitaLand Vietnam. It only takes 5 minutes to move, customers can easily move to the administrative center of District 1. The project is very close to the high-class community area in District 7.

This is the project of providing reception and prestigious management of The Ascott. The evaluation of the D1 Mension project cannot ignore the modern and luxurious facilities, including the swimming pool system on the 16th floor with a 5-star resort style and a rattan foot road system.

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Here is the service level of a 6-star hotel with utilities such as: easy booking of airline tickets, luggage transport, restrooms, steam rooms, high-class interior packages, … Here, You can enjoy the luxurious amenities of the nobility to bring the level of originality.


With the ambition to develop a special project for high-end customers and become the focal point of the high-end real estate market, D1 Mension project is invested in scale, science and utilities by CapitaLand. High-class interior, bringing a wonderful living space, perfect for residents here.


The D1 Mension project has a luxurious design, managed and operated by The Ascott Limited

Besides the beautiful design, the equipment comes from the leading European furniture brands such as Armani Roca, Villeroy & Boch, De Dietrich … the work is directly managed and operated by The Ascott Limited – a Among the corporations that own, manage and operate a large chain of serviced apartments in the world, D1 Mension residents can enjoy not only high-class hotel services such as cleaning rooms, apartment maintenance but also may require additional utility services such as shuttle, mail, restaurant reservations, magazine bookings …


>> 1. / Detailed analysis of D1 Mension Capitaland apartment in District 1
>> 2. / D1 Mension owns 6-star utility
>> 3. / The first international brand apartment project in Ho Chi Minh City
>> 4. / Good investment opportunities, profitability rate up to 7%/ year
>> 5. / Limited number of D1 Mension apartments
>> 6. / D1Mension has won high awards for real estate in Asia

The attraction of the project not only brings high-class and high-class apartments at reasonable prices but also in the program of investment commitment. With only 102 2 – 4 – 4 bedroom and Penthouse apartments, the program is committed to attractive profit investments with interest rates of up to 7% per year, higher than the current interest rates in Vietnamese banks. are persuading many customers.

In addition to the attractive profitability ratio, along with the positive changes of the high-end real estate market in late 2017, the project investor D1 MENSION– CapitaLand Group also added a year-end sales program. guide. Accordingly, customers will receive up to 4 years of management fees and furniture packages valued at up to  500,000,000 VND and many valuable gifts for home buyers this time.


The most attractive point when evaluating the D1 Mension project is that the number of apartments is limited. This helps the project improve its level. Project with 102 apartments, with a view of the whole city, view of 3 splendid river sides. When owning this apartment system, it is hard for anyone to deny the level and attract them to bring.

The project only includes 4 apartments with 4 bedrooms and 2 Penhouse apartments. This is important information for customers who are seeking luxury living space and challenges not everyone owns.


The Asia Pacific Property Awards project is the region’s most prestigious award. The jury includes over 70 world real estate experts.

Photo of the award ceremony

The expert evaluated the very high D1 Mension project with luxurious facilities that quickly reached the Asian property level of the 2017-2018 international level. The project quickly overcomes other projects to achieve the best success. This is the project that surpasses other high-end projects in the region with the highest results. It can be affirmed that this is a project of international stature, not all projects can be obtained.

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Ho Chi Minh City in the coming time, D1 Mension project, the first international branded apartment project in the city is affirming that this is an outstanding investment potential which is also the most livable place for customers.

Interested in D1 Mension District 1 project

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