Gem Riverside District 2 Apartments for Sale

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  • Price

    : $1,700 

  • Type

    : Sale

  • Bedrooms

    : 3

  • Bathrooms

    : 2

  • City

    : Ho Chi Minh City

  • Country

    : Vietnam

  • Zip Code

    : 700000

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Property Description

Gem Riverside District 2 Apartments for Sale

1. Scale the project? What type of development does the project cover?
Project scale:
– Total land area planned: 6.7 ha
– Land area for construction: 42,903.8 m²
– Construction density of the base block: 32%
– Building density of towers: 25%
– Total floor area: 378,925 m².
– Number of storeys at stage 1:
+ Block 1, 2: 35 storeys (including 01 technical floor)
+ Block 3, 4: 34 storeys (including 01 technical floor)
– Total number of apartments: 3,175 apartments
– The total greening of the project: 40%
– Number of blocks: 12 blocks

2. Scale Park Waterfront? form of ownership and time of investment?
– Area: 9,256m².
– The water surface around the project: 775 m.
Ownership: Public land for NRC residents.
Implementation time: Developed by DXG in complete synchronization with the project.

3. Security system, fire prevention like?
Security system includes:
– Camera tracking system is arranged: Parking area.
– magnetic card control system into the elevator lobby.
Fire prevention and fighting systems include:
– Fire alarm system for each function room and apartment by area.
– Automatic fire fighting system combined with wall fire fighting.

4. Distance between blocks? 15m – 40m

5. Can customers change interior materials according to customers before delivery? (additional charges incurred). Handing over regulations and commitments from investors. Customer can change after receiving the house.

6. What is the terrace of the apartment (garden, café, water tank …?) Most of the area is empty, and layout of technical systems.

7. Technical space position? Technical transfer pits in the basement, 2nd floor, and 3rd floor.

8. Lift brand? Elevators of reputable firms: Schindler, Kone, Thyssenkrup or similar

9. Customers want to change the design of some details in the apartment? Customers are only allowed to change after receiving the house, not to intervene technical systems and load-bearing walls

10. Where do you want your own toilet and kitchen area? (non-interference waterproof systems, engineering systems, water pipes and electricity). Customers are only allowed to change after receiving the house, not to intervene technical systems and load-bearing walls

11. What is the Hot and Hot Tub spout? Only provide hot and cold water for toilets, lavabo faucets.

12. How much does the main road lead directly to the flat? Road N3 about 15m, road N5 about 16m, sidewalk each side 4m.

13. What is the laminate flooring? (Dimensions, specifications, types, brands?) Wood flooring for bedrooms: Size, specifications, brands, design labels, materials imported

14. Exit ladder, grade of anti-slip or cement only? Escape ladder of cement.

15. Fire head and water spray in each room or just to the door? The fire alarm in the apartment, the fire head arranged according to fire protection design requirements

16. What is the height of each floor?
Height from floor to floor is 3.2m
(Height may vary depending on the design standard of the Ministry of Construction).

17. How high is the ceiling? How many corridors? Ceiling height 2.5m. 1.8m wide corridor (heart wall)

18. In the building structure, the concrete floor is the floor or steel deck, the thickness of the floor? Structural floor design, thickness from 150mm to 250 mm depending on the design

19. What is the height of the tiles in the toilet? High ceiling.

20. Central gas system or single apartment? There is no central gas system

21. Elevator speed? Elevator speed 2m / s. Using ladders weighing 900kg -1000kg

22. How do you treat waste? There is a garbage collector at each floor, rubbish through the vertical pipe. Garbage collection and collection facility located on the ground floor

23. Is there any security gate outside the campus? Security work is only carried out on the project premises

24. Where will the generator system for the building be located? Generator system located in technical room in basement.

25. For banconny and logia customers are allowed to make fences in the case of families with children? No, according to the general rules of operation and use of the apartment. Design details take into consideration the safety factor in use and ensure design standards

26. Main door to the apartment, bedroom, WC: How much? How long? – The main door size in the apartment: 1.2mx2.1m (2 wings)
– Dimension of bedroom door: 0.8×2.1 m.
– WC size: 0.7×2.1m.

27. Do the windows have protective frames? Windows (safety glass) and apartment doors have no protective frames. Design details take into consideration the safety factor in use and ensure design standards.

28. How is the apartment system? Please refer to standard material finishing flats.

29. Does the air conditioner and WC hood are installed? Air-conditioned. The air condition will only be installed gas supply pipe and condensate, WC vacuum will be installed depending on the position of the WC to ensure that

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